Kensico, New York

I’ve been fascinated by the hamlet of Kensico, New York for as long as I can remember. Kensico was in the Town of North Castle in Westchester County, New York, between Armonk and what is now North White Plains. The hamlet ceased to exist when New York City created the Kensico Reservoir, putting most of old Kensico under water.

My great-grandmother went to school in Kensico and lived there with my great-great-grandparents and great-great-great-grandparents. My great-grandfather’s family owned a store in Kensico. I spent my youth looking out my bedroom window at the Kensico Dam, riding past the dam on my way to school every day, and exploring the dam and plaza with my friends. Almost weekly I’d find myself looking at the reservoir from NY-22, listening to myths like the old church steeple appearing when the water was low. Kensico has always been in my blood. After 20 years of intending to create a webpage/website about Kensico (almost since there was a world wide web to put a webpage on), I’ve finally gotten around to posting this site.

Note: Most of my “web presence” is a collection of road and train pictures. Those can be found at my other website roadandrailpictures.com.

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